Associating Graphical Objects with Release Year of Music

J. Holm and A. Aaltonen (Finland)


Music, visualization, and release year.


The current generation of portable music players and music-oriented mobile phones enables storing of thousands of songs. Common ways to access songs include listand tree-based user interfaces, random or shuffle play modes, and (smart) playlists. As each of these approaches has its own limitations, an attractive alternative for accessing the songs is interactive visualization that facilitates browsing, organizing the music collection, and selecting what kind of music to listen to. The purpose of the visualization is to replace or complement the traditional UI with a dynamic, adaptive, and interactive image that is based on one or more attributes of the songs. For example, the user could click on a blurred black object to start the playback of old heavy metal from his music collection, or clicking a sharp yellow object would start the playback of new reggae music. To design the visualizations, the authors have arranged several online questionnaires on how people map graphical properties to musical properties. This paper presents the results of one of the questionnaires, focusing on mapping the release year of music to various visual features such as lightness, location, color, and shape.

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