DigiShare - A Participative Methodology to Build Linked User Interfaces

I. Erfurth and W. Rossak (Germany)


Analysis, Design, and Evaluation Methods; User Partici pation; Customized Software Development; User Interface Development


In many cases problems arise during customer ori ented development of software systems. In particular mis understandings leading to serious consequences are often based on difficulties in the direct and indirect communica tion between developer and stakeholder teams. An evalua tion of a questionnaire, handed out from our institution to a number of (local) companies, most of them SMEs, shows that on the one hand, for stakeholders, it is hard to under stand the frequently used terms, process models, and tech nological concepts. On the other hand it is obvious from our data that SMEs are interested in a strong involvement of stakeholders as well as in a significant enhancement of communication structures. As result of this evaluation our paper presents a new methodology, named DigiShare, for developing linked user interfaces. DigiShare strongly integrates stakeholders in the development of their software. Thus, stakeholders are not only able to participate in the system development pro cess but can even drive the process themselves. The user interface and its dynamics, as the first and most important artifact of the process, is used to act out the participative process by incrementally refining and extending its struc ture, functionality and layout.

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