Talk-In Interaction Reflects Usability of Virtual Collaboration Systems

C. Glaser, A. Tan, and A. Kondoz (UK)


Analysing Evaluation Methods, Usability Testing, Qualitative Content Analysis, Gender


Male and female users interact differently with a user interface and face different usability problems. These can hinder users from collaborating effectively in a virtual environment as usability problems influence human human interaction. Drawing on these concepts, we assume that the usability of a virtual collaboration system is reflected in talk-in interaction. Furthermore, we postulate that it influences the interaction of mixed-gender and same-gender virtual teams. Four virtual meetings of two mixed-gender and two same-gender two-person virtual teams have been analysed by means of qualitative content analysis. This is a novel approach as investigating usability problems of virtual collaboration systems by studying talk-in interaction from a gender-oriented perspective has not yet been addressed. Secondly, qualitative content analysis has not yet been tested as usability evaluation method. Findings should yield interesting insights regarding the method used to study the usability of the virtual collaboration desk and consequently how usability problems affect human human interaction of mixed-gender and same-gender virtual teams.

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