Using Timestamp Ordering in Synchronizing Internet-based Workflows

J. Puustjärvi (Finland)


Web technologies, Internet-based workflows, concurrency control, transaction models, service-oriented architecture, business processes


Workflow is a collection of tasks that belong together in order to achieve a certain business goal. The workflows in which tasks are comprised of the execution of Web services are called Internet-based workflows. Analogous with transactions the correct execution of workflows requires workflows instances to be executed in an atomic and isolated way. However the atomicity and isolation requirements of workflows deviate from those used with traditional transaction processing. Hence, neither the atomicity protocols nor the concurrency control criteria developed for traditional transactions are suitable for workflows. In this paper, we present a new concurrency control criterion, called regional serializability, which is suitable for Internet-based workflows and which allows much higher degree of concurrency than the traditional serializability criterion. In addition, we present a variation of the traditional timestamp ordering method that supports regional serializability criterion. We also present how the timestamp ordering method can be implemented in SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

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