A Network Centric Operational Framework for Information Sharing and Decision Support

A. Boukhtouta, J. Berger, and A. Sahi (Canada)


Information integration, message service, architecture, service composition, database, data mining.


Network Centric Operations (NCO) encompasses a plethora of concepts that constitute a paradigm shift where battle space entities are no longer stovepipes but rather a collection of network-enabled systems or databases that communicate and interoperate in a seamless and synergistic way. It stands for the embodiment of information age in military intelligence, planning, operations and logistics. In this paper, we present the architecture, design and a brief guideline for the implementation of a network centric operational framework that allows for information sharing, database monitoring, application sharing, assets visualization and decision support. This framework entails the seamless network connectivity and interoperability among major military platforms, systems, devices, sensors and battle space entities leading to remarkable situation awareness.

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