A Classification and Visualization Approach for Knowledge Management of a Special Interest Group

Shahida Sulaiman, A. Ismail, A.T. Khader, M. Sabudin, and Sarina Sulaiman (Malaysia)


Knowledge management, knowledge portal, expertise classification, tree view, software engineering interest group


Some Web portals are developed to support electronic community or e-community of special interest groups (SIG) that provide the platforms to communicate, share ideas and knowledge among the members. By incorporating the Web portal with a knowledge-based system, knowledge acquisition and sharing will be more efficient. This type of knowledge system is known as knowledge sharing system rather than expert system. Existing SIG portals provide the information by listing the names of the related people in a textual form. Some Web portals reveal the level of expertise of the members but the textual representation does not manage to highlight the different level of expertise among the community explicitly. Thus we have proposed KM-ClaVis approach that consists of a point-based semi automatic classification method to classify the users’ expertise levels and the tree view method to visualize the classified expertise of a software engineering interest group (SEIG) e-community. We apply KM-ClaVis approach in an existing SEIG knowledge portal. We anticipate the proposed approach will improve knowledge management among the members.

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