ChiARTS Safe Subset-Regression Test Selection for C#

V. Channakeshava, S. Lakshmanan, A. Panigrahi, and V. Shanbhag (India)


Software Maintenance, Multithreaded applications, Execution Traces, Test Selection.


Regression testing is essential in ensuring continuous improvement of the quality and confidence of every subsequent release of software-products (or long-running projects). However, the (time and man-power) cost of using the entire regression test suite for minor modifications or bug-fixes is often prohibitively high, whereas, the risk associated with releasing a regressed (new) version of the product is not acceptable, either. In this paper we present a technique to identify a small safe subset regression-test-suite for object-oriented managed code that selects the set of all relevant tests, given the previous and the current versions of the implementation binaries. We have developed ChiARTS, a prototype implementation of our technique for the C# Language, and also overseen its smooth introduction into the test process for a large (internal) software product-line under Philips Medical Systems. The design of ChiARTS caters to the needs of our industry-strength test-harness for multi-threaded tests.

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