Parallel Computation for LUC Cryptosystems on Distributed Memory Multiprocessor Machine

Z.M. Ali, M. Othman, M.R.M. Said, and M.N. Sulaiman (Malaysia)


Distributed and Parallel Computing; Algorithm and Computations Theories; LUC Cryptosystems


Cryptosystem based on Lucas Function is known as LUC Cryptosystems. Lucas Function is a special form of second order linear recurrence relation using a large public integer as a modulus. We are sure that, an existing computation technique will suffer a huge computations time and spaces when calculating a very large size of public-key and private-key. Recently, a method for fast LUC Cryptosystems computation on single processor has been proposed. In this paper, we extend the method in parallel on distributed memory multiprocessor machine using message-passing interface. We are generating a special sequence from a given value of public-key and private-key. This special sequence will be used to direct the computation of LUC. We examine the parallelism efficiency of the algorithm by analyze the simulation time and speedup.

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