A New Method of Requirements Engineering Process Design

S. Guo, Y. Lan, M. Jin, J. Gao, and H. Li (PRC)


Requirements engineering, state-driven software process, activity objective state, knowledge retrieve, situation similarity


A framework is presented that guides the requirements engineer in the implementation and execution of an effective requirements development process. We achieve this goal by providing a modeling method of requirements development process model. Current models deal with only portions of the requirements development process and commonly include activities defined at higher levels of abstraction. We address one design method for complete requirements development process and can define activities by the different objective requirement state. Thus, our method guides the requirements engineer to define the requirements development process and assist in the selection of activity knowledge. We can map RE knowledge to activities based on their objectives state. In addition, we have identified knowledge selection criteria and prescribed a reduced set of knowledge that optimize these criteria for each activity defined by our requirements development process. Thus, the model and the set of knowledge, taken together, provide the much needed guidance for the effective implementation and execution of the requirements development process.

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