Toward UML Platform Specific Model for Programming Languages

E.S. Grant, T.R. Dazell, and H. Reza (USA)


Software engineering, platform independent model, model transformation.


The platform independent characteristic of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) makes it a powerful tool for software development. Models created at the analysis and design levels, with the UML, can be implemented in any programming language. The downside to these UML Platform Independent Models (PIMs) is their higher-level language constructs create a gap between the models and the source code implementations. One of the most prevalent gaps exists with the binary class relationships. This, report presents a technique to establish continuity between the class relationships at the design and code levels that is a combination of the MDA and UML profile approaches. The Platform Specific Models (PSMs) developed during execution of a MDA methodology, are packaged as a UML profile. The PSM will share the same language semantics as the given platform. This work focuses on developing PSMs for the Java programming language.

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