Performance Measurement Framework: Lesson Learned and Experiences

Y.Y. Jusoh, A.R. Hamdan, and A. Deraman (Malaysia)


Information Technology Strategic Planning, Implementation


The problems related to information technology strategic planning (ITSP) implementation is becoming obvious these days. The failure of the ITSP implementation are associated to the resources involved, cost expanded, time consuming with unforeseen benefits, identifying the appropriate performance indicator and assigning performance based on the schedule. Therefore, measuring the achievement of the implemented ITSP is becoming one of the organization interests. The challenge is to indicate the performance of the implemented ITSP. This challenge has formed a foundation to conduct a study on investigating issues and problems of performance measurement in ITSP implementation. Hence, the study conducted has focused on proposing a framework for justifying and measuring the performance of the ITSP implementation. This paper discusses the lesson learned and research experiences of the case studies conducted.

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