Translation of RFC 3820 to Software Codes using OpenSSL Primitives

G.R. Haron, N.K. Siong, and T.F. Bee (Malaysia)


Proxy Certificate, MyKad, Software Engineering, Web Technologies


This paper accentuates experience in developing a software module to create proxy certificate. The related standard applied is RFC 3820, an Internet standard for Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Proxy Certificate Profile. In order to conform to the standard, codes are built by evaluating sentence extraction defined in the standard. The development approach is to fully utilize the availability of knowledge and web resources driven by open source and grid research community. The module will communicate with OpenSSL and smart card library: MyKad. Some of the key development challenges and its problem solving are discussed. In final, the module attested the development to sign proxy certificate with MyKad is feasible.

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