Event Patterns for Object-Oriented Requirement Analysis

S.K. Singh, S. Sabharwal, and J.P. Gupta (India)


Software Requirements Engineering, Event Patterns, Use Cases, Object-oriented Analysis, Event Metamodel.


Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) of requirements has always been the most difficult, critical and an important step in developing applications using object-oriented paradigm. Identification of types of objects from the requirements is the primary goal of every OOA. Most commonly recommended approach to identify objects is to search for nouns directly from the requirements or indirectly from the Use Cases derived from requirements. Experience has shown that both these approaches are inefficient in their own ways. In this paper, we have proposed a new approach of capturing Object Oriented requirements based on analysis of events and actions occurring in the system and then identify all static and dynamic components of the system from it. Our approach captures requirements in the form of Event Patterns that are templates in our Event-oriented approach analogous to Use Cases in the conventional Object-orientation. These templates are used in finding out object oriented components of the system during the process of OOA. We have also proposed an Event Meta-model that forms the basis of our event based class identification process.

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