A Process Model for Managing Requirement Change

Saima Imtiaz, N. Ikram, and Salma Imtiaz (Pakistan)


Requirement Change Management, Decision Making, UML Activity Diagram, Process Modeling.


Managing continuously changing requirements is a difficult and time consuming task in large projects. Change management if not done properly often leads to project failure. Requirement Change Management (RCM) process models are surveyed and evaluated on the criteria of roles, activities, artifacts and representation which are fundamental and necessary for a good process model. This evaluation is extended to update the work already done in literature. The deficiencies present in current RCM literature are highlighted. The ontology for process model has already been proposed elsewhere. Using that ontology we propose an RCM process model in this paper. This RCM process model improves upon the deficiencies identified, and it also introduces some new concepts. The process is modeled using UML activity diagram. The purpose of the process model is to provide a more complete and detailed guideline than already present. It will help the practitioners to effectively manage requirement change in large projects.

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