Robust and Secure Image Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks using Enhanced Compression and Encryption

R. Mukesh, A. Damodaram, and V.S. Bharathi (India)


Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN), Quasigroup, Encryption, Decryption, Fragmentation, Compression, Filtering, Thresholding, Chinese Remainder Theorem.


Security in Wireless Sensor Networks has become very much important as sensor networks are being used for sensitive applications like weather forecasting, military, medicine etc. In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) the base station collect data from the sensor nodes and is then transmitted to the Service provider via internet. Several Imaging Sensors are also used in WSN for environmental monitoring, biomedical applications etc. Image compression and image encryption are pivotal to proper storage and transmission of images in WSN. The severe resource constraints in a sensor node make it very challenging to secure sensor networks using existing strong security mechanisms. Asymmetric cryptographic algorithms are not much suitable for providing security in wireless sensor networks due to limited computation, power, and storage resources available on sensor nodes. Therefore, the energy efficient security protocol proposed in this paper uses symmetric cryptographic algorithms to support security. Enhanced and energy efficient image compression and encryption proposed in this paper aims at achieving enhanced bandwidth utilization and security.

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