Digital Mammogram Segmentation: An Initial Stage

V. Raman and P. Sumari (Malaysia)


Mammography, Region growing and Segmentation


Breast cancer continues to be a significant public health problem in the world. Early detection is the key for improving breast cancer prognosis. Mammography has been one of the most reliable methods for early detection of breast carcinomas. However, it is difficult for radiologists to provide both accurate and uniform evaluation for the enormous mammograms generated in widespread screening. The CAD systems can provide such help and they are important and necessary for breast cancer control. Microcalcifications and masses are the two most important indicators of malignancy, and their automated detection is very valuable for early breast cancer diagnosis. The main objective of the paper is to detect and segment the tumour from mammogram images that helps to provide support for the clinical decision to perform biopsy of the breast. In this paper, there are two aspects to segmentation in mammography. First is to separate out the mammogram from the background and Second is more difficult, it is the identification of putative masses and the pectoral muscle. The extraction approach is done using basic region growing method to identify the tumor.

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