Cognitive Modeling in Computational Intelligence Methods for Medical Pattern Semantic Categorization and Understanding

L. Ogiela, R. Tadeusiewicz, and M.R. Ogiela (Poland)


cognitive modeling, syntactic analysis, computational intelligence, medical image understanding


In the paper the new possibilities for constructing and developing a new class of Cognitive Vision Systems, describing the semantic interpretations of medical images will be presented. Discussed in detail are methods of syntactic computational intelligence to the development of a semantic description for some medical visualizations with particular attention to the leg bones images. The presented methodology makes possible to find, for analysed structure, its semantic description and allow to formulate a semantic meaning of visible deformation, injury or pathology. Presented approach shows that artificial intelligence methods based on mathematical linguistic formalism can be used to develop new classes of intelligent information systems i.e. cognitive vision systems dedicated to perform semantic analysis of medical images.

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