Development of a Novel Multi-Agent based Self-Healing Distribution Systems

M.-S. Tsai, P. Piclova, W.-C. Wu, and C.-K. Chan (Taiwan)


Distribution System, Restoration, Multi-Agent System


Power distribution feeders are connected in radial structure through many switches. Because of this, Intelligent Agents (IA) can be applied to take advantages of it by utilizing the distributed computing capability. In this paper, IA technology is used and a distributed restoration planner is developed. JAVA Agent Development Environment (JADE) platform is used because it provides distributed characteristics and message communication facility. Agents implemented on JADE are used to represent power system components. These agents operate autonomously such that they can make decision based on their local knowledge and information collected from other agents. Since agents can make decision independently, the restoration process can be done in parallel to reduce the outage time. A simulation on a distribution system is performed and the results show that the proposed system can effectively apply to distribution system service restoration planning.

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