Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Power Generation System with Fuel Cells and Batteries

C.-C. Hua and W.-C. Syu (Taiwan)


PEMFC, softswitching method, Fuel Cell, hybrid power generation system


A soft-switching method and control scheme for an isolated step-up full bridge converter is proposed in this paper to implement a hybrid power generation system with Fuel Cells and Batteries. By using leakage inductance of the transformer, the system conversion efficiency can be improved and a simple control is achieved. Adding clamping-diodes in series with leading leg can greatly lessen the ringing of the transformer and filter diodes. The system consists of three power stages, including a bi-directional DC-DC converter, a ZVS-FB DC/DC converter, and a DC/AC inverter. The DC/AC inverter is used to transfer the power for ac applications (110Vrms /60Hz). Due to the PEMFC cannot respond quickly, its output voltage is easily affected by load variations and polarization loss. The bi-directional converter with flexible control strategy can provide power sharing and energy storage at different conditions of the load, which makes its suitable for PEMFC powered AC applications. In this paper, the tested results will be presented to verify the performance of the system.

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