Operation Analysis of Distribution Feeders with Wind Power Generation

C.T. Tsai, C.S. Chen, Y.D. Lee, and C.T. Hsu (Taiwan)


Wind power, distribution system, Weibull.


This paper investigates the impact of wind power generation to the distribution systems. The seasonal wind power generated by the wind turbine is calculated by applying the exponential rate and Weibull possibility distribution model according to the actual minutely wind speed data in Hengchun area in Taiwan. The mean value and standard deviation of seasonal wind power output are determined for the design of load shedding scheme when the distribution feeder has been isolated for the islanding operation. A practical distribution feeder of Taiwan Power Company (TPC) is selected for the computer simulation of micro grid system with wind power generator. For the normal operation of test feeder, the system voltage variation is derived by considering the daily load profile of test feeder with wind power generation. For the permanent fault in distribution system, the load shedding scheme is developed for the islanding micro gird so that the stable operation can be restored with the proper pitch angle control of wind power generator.

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