A Novel Anti-Islanding Method in the Three Phase PV-AF Power Generation System

G.H. Kim, H.-R. Seo, M. Park, M.H. Ali, I.-K.Yu, J.-H. Jeon, S.-K. Kim, and J.-B. Ahn (Korea)


Islanding, Active filter, PVAF Generation system, Photovoltaic(PV), PSCAD/EMTDC


Islanding is the electrical phenomenon in a part of a power network disconnected from the utility, where the loads are entirely supplied by PV(Photovoltaic) systems, and the voltage and frequency are maintained around nominal values. But the probability of islanding is extremely low, and it may never occur in practice. At the point of disconnection of an islanding, it is essential that the active power of PV system is very close to the active power of the loads, and that the reactive power of PV system is very close to zero. But unintentional islanding may result in power-quality issues, interference to grid protection devices, equipment damage, and even personnel safety hazards. This paper proposes that the three phase PV-AF (Photovoltaic and active filter) system fundamentally has the anti-islanding function. So, in this paper, anti-islanding function of this system is explained. And it is evaluated by simulations, using PSCAD/EMTDC.

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