Influence of Soil Characteristics on the Impedance of Aboveground and Buried Wires in Multilayer Horizontal Soil Model Environments

H. Zhao, S. Fortin, and F.P. Dawalibi (Canada)


Wire impedance, overhead wires, buried wires, multilayer soils


The influence of soil parameters (resistivity, permittivity, permeability and thickness of the soil layers) on the longitudinal impedance of aboveground and buried wires is presented for the first time for arbitrary horizontal multilayer soil models based on a rigorous and general solution developed by the authors. Detailed computation results are presented for typical stratified earth with different layer parameters. The results show marked differences in the earth return impedances when compared to the case of homogeneous soils. The analysis shows the influence of each parameter and reveals that layer thickness, resistivity and permeability are significant factors to the longitudinal impedance, especially for buried wires.

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