The Use of Active Power Factor Corrector for Efficiency Improvement of Computer Power Supplies

S.A. Al-Mawsawi (Bahrain)


Active Power Factor Corrector, PWM, Computer DC Supply, and Efficiency


Million of computers in the world operate around the hour which makes their efficiency a very critical issue. A trial of improving the efficiency by using power electronics circuits have been simulated and tested. In this case an active Power Factor Corrector (active PFC) has been used. The effect of using the active PFC is illustrated in a simple circuit simulated by CIRCUITMAKER. Implementing this technology combined with architectural-level improvement and components-level improvement will result on a significant efficiency improvement. Using this technology will boost the efficiency from 65%-70% in traditional power supplies to an efficiency ratio exceeds 90%. Additionally, the active PFC will improve the power factor to a value close to unity which means eliminating the reactive power drawn by the power supply.

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