Application of Three-Phase Series Parallel (SPRC) Resonant Converter for Power Quality Improvement

M.B. Daigavane, Z.J. Khan, H.M. Suryawanshi, P.M. Daigavane, and S.S. Tanvade (India)


Power quality, power electronics, resonant converter, digital signal processor; and zero voltage switching.


In modern power systems, due to increase of non-linear loads, power quality has become a great concern. Non linear loads, which were only 15% of total loads in 1987, have increased up to 60%-65% in 2006 and day-by-day it is still increasing. non-linear loads with power electronic interface that generate large harmonic current have been greatly increased in power system Next, the end-user equipments have become more sensitive to power quality than before. Harmonics in the distribution network have become an area of keen interest for utilities, power consumers and academic researchers due to its potentially disruptive impact on economy. This interest has lead to the development of large number technological solutions to meet the power quality specifications. In this paper, we discuss the power quality enhancement using power electronics equipment i.e. resonant converter in processing power.

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