Development of an Online Energy Monitoring System using Power Line Carrier

A.B.A. Hakim, M. Sulaiman, and A. Ahmad (Malaysia)


Power distribution automation, power line carrier, energy monitoring system and remote monitoring.


Over the past two decades, the electric power industry’s involvement in power Distribution Automation (DA) has been principally focused on remote monitoring and control of the distribution systems and their equipments. Advance in metering and communications have meant that electric power utilities worldwide are increasingly adopting the two way communications control and monitoring technology of electric power distribution system to provide better and more efficient services to electric consumers. In order to establish communication between the consumer, electricity meter and the utility, several technologies are possible; telephone network, radio frequency or Power Line Carrier (PLC). In the context of the PLC presents competitive advantages; as compared to the radio systems and others, the network medium does defacto exist. This paper presents the development of an online energy monitoring system via PLC in Malaysian environment, its features and benefits. The system consists of data acquisition, communication protocol and processing within energy meter and host central station.

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