A New Approach on State Idenification of Underdeterminded MV Grids based on Grid Reduction

M. Wolter (Germany)


Energy management system, Metering, Distribution grid, Underdetermined power system, Grid state identification, Sensitivity analysis


For historical reasons measurement facilities in distribution grids are sparsely spread and offer little information on grid state with moreover poor quality. Nowadays considering the increasing amount of distributed generation and the ambition of local utilities to decentralize energy management systems knowledge of grid state becomes more and more important. That is why algorithms for state approximation of underdetermined distribution grids are developed. In this paper a new approach on state identification of underdetermined mean voltage grids based on grid reduction is introduced. The method particularly exploits typical distribution grid structures and already installed measurement facilities to improve data quality and reproduce lost information. Grid reduction perfectly fits demands of identification methods based on sensitivity analysis and remarkably enhances grid state estimation. Typically only magnitudes of voltages at central busbars and current magnitudes of connected lines are measured. By reducing the grid to these central busbars and some auxiliary nodes the entire complex-valued state of the reduced grid can be estimated. These results offer inference on condition of the whole original grid and can be used for other grid state identification methods like sensitivity analysis. In this paper grid reduction and calculation of the reduced complex state is mainly focussed.

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