Genetic Search for an Optimal Power Flow Solution from a High Density Cluster

R.V. Amarnath and N.V. Ramana (India)


Optimal Power Flow, Lagrange Method, Density based Cluster Algorithm, High Density Cluster, Genetic Search and Fitness function.


This paper presents a novel method for the solution of optimal power flow problem. The algorithm of the proposed method can be unfolded into three stages. In the first, a suboptimal solution is obtained by a conventional analytical method. In the second, a high density cluster, which consists of other suboptimal data points in the vicinity of the first are formed with the help of density based cluster algorithm. In the final stage, a genetic algorithm based search is carried out for the exact optimal solution from a low population sized, high density cluster. The final optimal solution thoroughly satisfies the well defined fitness function. A standard IEEE 30-bus test system is considered for the simulation study. Numerical results are presented and compared with the results of other approaches in a judicious way.

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