Application of Long Range Energy Alternative Planning (LEAP) Model for Thailand Energy Outlook 2030: Reference Case

W. Charusiri, B. Eua-arporn, and J. Ubonwat (Thailand)


Long range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP), energy planning, scenario management


The total energy consumption in Thailand rise up from 47,806 ktoe to 60,260 in 2004, the energy, the growth of economic make the demand of energy more and more, then we have to have future planning and manage to use the energy efficiently which can prepare support energy crisis of the country. Long range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) is an accounting tools, used to simulated and managed scenario to preparing to support the energy situation in the future. In the case of Business As Usual (BAU) estimated that the overall energy demand rised up from 61,262 ktoe to 254,200 ktoe during 2004 – 2030

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