Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer Faults in Bio-Degradable Insulation Oil

N.A. Muhamad, B.T. Phung, and T.R. Blackburn (Australia)


Bio-degradable oil, mineral oil, partial discharge, overheating, dissolved gas analysis (DGA), hydro-carbon gases, transformer insulation.


Existing dissolved gas analysis techniques were developed for mineral oil insulation used in power and distribution transformers. This paper presents results of experimental tests performed on laboratory models of transformer windings insulated with bio-degradable oil without involving cellulosic material. The dissolved gas analysis investigations were carried out and aimed at determining the potential use of existing DGA techniques and analysis to this new type of insulating liquid. To this end, vegetable oil and mineral oil samples were subjected to a number of fault conditions typical of those occur in transformers. They included partial discharge activity, arcing and overheating. For each type of fault, the gases produced were analyzed and compared.

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