Inclusion of Small Signal Stability Assessment to Electromagnetic Transient Programs

J.R. Lucas (Sri Lanka), U.D. Annakkage, C. Karawita, D. Muthumuni, and R.P. Jayasinghe (Canada)


Small-signal-stability, state-space analysis, power system oscillations, EMT simulation, modes, participation factors


This paper presents the inclusion of a linearized state space small-signal stability (SSS) module to the transient simulation program PSCAD/EMTDC. It combines small signal stability assessment, with the proven user interface capabilities of PSCAD. The motivation for developing the package is to provide small-signal stability assessment of case studies on PSCAD, and an adaptable simulation background for users to carry out conventional controller design without the need for an outside package. The SSS module, once fully developed, will be capable of incorporating all the system models available on PSCAD. The parameters necessary for the SSS analysis are self generated using a Software program. SSS is capable of carrying out Eigenvalue analysis. In addition it can plot step and pulse responses on the PSCAD output windows together with the EMT results. The capabilities of SSS are illustrated using the benchmark 12-bus system. Validation of the development has been checked by comparison of the Eigen variables with those of SSAT, and pulse responses with PSCAD. The system is further analysed to show how Eigenvalues obtained from SSS analysis of an unstable system may be made use of to stabilize the system before EMT simulation.

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