Development of Simulator for DFIG-based Wind Turbine using Carrier Modulated Matrix Converter

Y.-G. Seo, J.-S. Ko, S.-C. Hong, N.-S. Choi, and B.-M. Han (Korea)


Wind power, DFIG, matrix converter, Simplorer simulator, turbine model.


The main goal of this paper is to simulate a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG), which is similar to a real system. Wind velocity data is applied to a 2D Lookup table as a speed reference for a turbine model. A real electric machine’s parameters are put in the simulator to get some results of the real system. The Matlab have been generally used to simulate DFIG, but it has some differences from the real system and is difficult to implement. A Simplorer simulator, however, simplifies DFIG simulation. The turbine is directly connected with the DFIG to be close to the real system. The machine’s rotor is excited and controlled by the discrete carrier modulated matrix converter. It is possible to retrieve important information, like a generated power and wind quality etc., from the simulator without a huge wind turbine.

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