Design of a Stationary Asymmetric Solar Concentrator for Heat and Electricity Production

M. Bojic, D. Catic, M. Matijevic, I. Miletic, and V. Stefanovic (Serbia)


Modelling, simulation, artificial intelligence, and neural networks


A response of world community to temperature increase on the global level may be increased use of solar energy for heating, cooling, and electricity production. The paper presents a mathematical model for stationary asymmetric solar concentrators that would use solar energy to generate electricity and heat. The mathematical model would handle its optical, energy, and economical analyses. Then, the paper gives the simulation results for operation of these devices for Kragujevac, Serbia at 44 deg. north latitude for different aperture angle of these concentrators. The design with the fastest payback for this latitude and climate characteristics would be suggested to be constructed.

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