A Pressure Control System in a Furnace of a Thermal Power Plant Boiler using a Future Reference Trajectory

T. Sato (Japan)


pressure control system in furnace, thermal power plant, boiler, PI control, generalized predictive control, future ref erence trajectory


A new design method for a pressure control system in a fur nace of a thermal power plant boiler is proposed. The stan dard linear control theory is not enough to control the pres sure control system which has multi-variable, nonlinear and dead-times and interference among variables. Hence, the pressure control system is assumed to be two indepen dent time-varying linear systems, and it is controlled by using two self-tuning PI controllers, where the controller parameters are designed on the basis of generalized predic tive control (GPC) incorporating a future reference trajec tory. To illustrate the effectiveness of our proposed design method, numerical examples are shown.

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