Air-Steam Gasification of Different Types of Coals using Fluidised Bed Gasifier

N.F. Othman, M.H. Bosrooh, and K.A. Majid (Malaysia)


gasification, air, steam, fluidized bed, gasifier, producer gas


Gasification of Adaro, DEJ, Hunter Valley, Merit Pila and Mukah Balingian coals have been studied in a laboratory-scale, atmospheric fluidized bed gasifier using air and air-steam as fluidizing media. Determination of the producer gas compositions were conducted using Gas Chromatography. The gasification experiments were conducted at bed temperature of 600o C. The comparison of the producer gas compositions while using air and air steam gasifying agents were conducted. Air-steam gasification had shown significant increased on the CO, CO2, CH4 and H2 contents in the producer gas compared with the air gasification.

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