A Compact Wideband Koch Fractal Printed Slot Antenna for WLAN Applications

D.D. Krishna, M. Gopikrishna, and C.K. Aanandan (India)


Printed fractal slot antenna, wideband antenna, microstrip fed slot antenna, WLAN antennas


A novel compact microstrip-fed wideband Koch fractal printed slot antenna, suitable for the 2.4/5.2/5.8GHz WLAN operations, is presented. The concept of Koch iteration technique is applied successfully for a printed slot antenna for lowering the operating frequency. An optimized tuning stub and a truncated ground plane ensure matching over a wide band. Impedance and radiation characteristics of the proposed antenna are studied and the results indicate that the second iteration Koch slot antenna exhibits an impedance bandwidth from 2.33GHz to 6.19GHz covering the IEEE 802.11b/g (2400 2484MHz) and IEEE 802.11a/HIPERLAN2 (5150 5950MHz) bands. The antenna exhibits omnidirectional radiation coverage with a gain better than 2.5dBi in the entire operating band. Implementation of the Koch fractal slot with reduced ground plane results in a compact printed slot antenna with moderate gain and large bandwidth.

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