Analysis of Fast Adaptive MI-NLMS Beamforming Algorithm for Smart Antenna System

M.T. Islam and N. Misran (Malaysia)


Smart antenna system, beamforming algorithm, direction of arrival (DOA), uniform linear array (ULA), least mean square (LMS), and normalized LMS (NLMS).


A novel fast adaptive matrix inversion normalized least mean square (MI-NLMS) beamforming algorithm for smart antenna system is analyzed in this paper. The MI NLMS adaptive beamforming algorithm was developed by combining the sample matrix inversion (SMI) and the normalized least mean square (NLMS) algorithms taking the individual good aspects of both algorithms; the block adaptive and sample by sample technique. The algorithm provides faster convergence speed and less complexity. Simulation results using MATLAB® 6.5 showed that the less complexity MI-NLMS yields 10 dB improvements in interference suppression towards the interferer at 90° and converge from the initial iteration. Simulation results in various signal environments are also presented to show the performance of the proposed algorithm.

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