A Novel UWB Stepped-Trapezoidal Patch Antenna for Wireless Communications

A.A. Alshehri, A.R. Sebak, and T.A. Denidni (Canada)


Planar Antenna, trapezoidal, Notch Cut, UWB


A novel planar patch antenna with a circular-notch cut fed by a simple microstrip line is proposed and described. It is designed and fabricated for Ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless communications under the band (3.1-10.6 GHz). This antenna is composed of an isosceles trapezoidal patch with notch cut and two transition steps and a partial ground plane. The measured bandwidth for the designed antenna is about 116.3% (8.7 GHz). The proposed antenna provides a good radiation pattern and a relatively flat gain over the entire frequency band. A parametric study is carried out to optimize the proposed patch antenna. The design details and the related results are presented and discussed.

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