A Design Analysis of Wideband Antenna with a Folded Patch Feed

N. Misran, M.T. Islam, M.N. Shakib, and M.I. Ahmed (Malaysia)


Patch antenna, wideband antenna, folded patch feed, and impedance bandwidth.


This paper presents a novel compact patch antenna with a folded patch feed and shorting walls. Bandwidth broadening is achieved by an E-H shaped patch fed by a folded patch feed and the size reduction is realized through the use of shorting wall. A stacked technique is introduced to further enhance the impedance bandwidth. The proposed antenna exhibits impedance bandwidth of more than 80% for return loss 10dB (VSWR ≤ 2). The compact antenna dimension is 0.317λg x 0.317λg x 0.317λg (where λg is the guided wavelength of the center operating frequency). The impedance matching, radiation patterns and gain curves are illustrated. Owing to its wideband and low-profile characteristics, it is highly suitable for ultra wideband technology (UWB).

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