Planar Microstrip Antenna Element and 2-by-2 Sub-Array for Satellite TV Receivers

E.A. Soliman (Egypt), A.M. Affandi, and K.H. Badr (Saudi Arabia)


Microstrip antennas, dual-polarization, antenna arrays, corporate feeding networks, satellite TV receivers


A new microstrip antenna element is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna is suitbale for integration into an array for satellite TV receivers. It has two metal layers only, which reduces its fabrication cost significantly in comparison with other antennas with more layers. The presented results show that the proposed antenna offers wide impedance bandwidth, high isolation between feeding ports, dual-polarization radiaiton, low corss-polarization level, and high radiaition efficiency. A 2-by-2 array of the proposed element is also presented in this paper. Planar corporate feeding networks with new routing approach, are used. The presented results of the new array show that it is suitbale for use as a building block for a larger array which can repalce the parabolic dish reflector in satellite TV receivers.

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