Some Features of Statistical Characteristics of Scattered Radiation by Turbulent Plasma Layer

G.V. Jandieri (Georgia), V.G. Jandieri (Japan), T.D. Kaladze, Zh.M. Diasamidze, M.R. Diasamidze, M.I. Davitadze, I.G. Takidze, and I.S. Surmanidze (Georgia)


Ray-(optics) approximation, turbulent plasma layer, correlation function, angular power spectrum, scintillation index.


Statistical characteristics of the angular power spectrum (broadening and displacement of its maximum) of multiply scattered electromagnetic waves by plane layer of turbulent anisotropic magnetized collisional plasma are considered. The influence of distances between the emitter as well as the receiver (they are located in opposite sides with respect to scattered layer) and layer’s boundaries is analyzed for anisotropic Gaussian correlation function describing the irregularities of electron density fluctuations with various parameter of anisotropy and the angle of inclination of prolate irregularities with respect to the external magnetic field. Numerical calculations have been carried out for F region of the ionosphere.

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