Human Identifications using Micro-Doppler Signatures

Y. Yang and C. Lu (USA)


Micro-Doppler, target ID, signal processing, radar imaging.


Micro-motions, such as vibrations or rotations of an object or structures on the object, induce additional frequency modulations on returned radar signal, which generates sidebands about the object’s Doppler frequency, called micro-Doppler effect [1-5]. Human activities, which consist of various moving body parts, will generate unique micro-Doppler signatures [6]. Using time frequency transforms and pattern recognition techniques, we can classify individuals based on their movements using micro-Doppler signatures [7]. Preliminary results from a laboratory model of the micro-Doppler radar with carrier frequency of 10 GHz are reported in this paper. The results show that micro-Doppler signatures have great potential for use in human identification applications.

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