Power System Smart Control and Verification

S. Bhattacharyya, J. Nutaro, L.E. Miller, T. Kuruganti, and M. Shankar (USA)


Verification, power system, hybrid systems


Power system control faces new challenges as the demand on the power grid increases. The demands are met by emergency/standby generation during short term peak loads or blackouts/failure. Smarter automated control responds within a reasonably fast duration to such faulty transients. Automation reduces human intervention but strongly emphasizes the need for a formal modeling paradigm which supports verification of the design. We propose modeling the power system and its control as hybrid system modules. The hybrid model supports verification of the design using formal methods like temporal logics to prove correctness of the design. The verification involves traversing the states of the system as it evolves to verify the correctness of the specification. We illustrate our method on a relay-circuit breaker model and then on automated distributed generation.

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