Harmonics Elimination and VAR Compensation for 3P3W and 3P4W Distribution Systems using Shunt Active Filters

R.D. Patidar, S.P. Singh, and J.D. Sharma (India)


Current harmonics non-linear, load, power quality, shunt active filter.


Power quality problems have adverse economical impact on both the utilities and the customers. The application of non-linear loads, which injects undesired harmonic currents in low voltage distribution systems, is increasing rapidly due to tremendous proliferation of power electronics. Current harmonics are one of the most common power quality problems and are usually resolved by the use of shunt active power filter. This paper presents a simple control algorithms for 3P3W (three phase three-wire) and 3P4W (three-phase four-wire) shunt active filter for current harmonics elimination and reactive power control. The extensive simulation has been carried out with nonlinear loads using MATLAB to show the capabilities of the proposed controller.

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