Demonstrative PV Systems for an Isolated System

H.P. Ladner-García and E. O'Neill-Carillo (USA)


Photovoltaic systems, solar energy


Puerto Rico is in search for alternative energy sources that can help diversify the energy portfolio in the island. This is of utmost importance for an islanded system that has to import all its fossil fuel needs. The use of photovoltaic systems has been proposed as an important option to the energy problem. This paper presents design tools which are easily accessible and simplify the design procedure of photovoltaic systems in the islands. Three demonstrative sample systems are designed using the suggested tools. The purpose of this paper is to present the process of design, and the importance of including environmental considerations in the evaluation of renewable energy projects. This could result in better energy policy measures adopted by private organizations and local governments. The work presented was part of an undergraduate research project.

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