A Proposed Approach for Small Scale Solar Electricity Generation, Use, and Distribution

W. Brodbeck (USA)


Solar energy, LED, secondary grid and distribution.


This is an edited version of a paper and presentation created by Rajesh Ahuja, Alfonso Arteta, Wilson Brodbeck, Daniel Brown and Marta Queipo and presented at the Fall/2007 semester of Management of Information Systems class of the Evening MBA at the Chapman Graduate School of Business at the Florida International University, Miami, FL. It proposed a business that would apply the latest technologies in solar electricity generation, and market it on subsidized basis to poor communities in developing countries. Preferred targets are needy areas where the potential to generate electricity is higher than their consumption. The exceeding power would be then returned to the distribution grid, with the expectation of creating a large enough array of generators capable of exporting excessive power thus creating a source of revenue. This approach would contribute to increase available electricity without increasing emissions and at the same time contribute to economic growth of the lower brackets population this idea targets.

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