Online Time-Domain Tracking of Low and Medium Voltage Cable Parameters under Intermittent Excitation

J.A. Taylor and S.M. Halpin (USA)


Electric cable parameters, electric vehicles, system identification, parameter estimation.


Online parameter estimation provides a potential instrument to determine electrical device health. Parameters associated with well understood physical quantities can be tracked and compared to acceptable values to indicate prognostic and diagnostic health of a device. One such application is the prognostic evaluation of conductor health in vehicular applications through the trending of low and medium voltage cable parameters. However given the monitoring conditions, the information from which to perform parameter estimates is limited and intermittent in nature. The applied system identification techniques must be able to quickly follow parameter changes while also making the best use of the available information. In this paper, recursive least squares parameter estimation using standard exponential forgetting as well as directional forgetting is examined. How well the methods estimate and track a conductor model’s parameters is compared and evaluated.

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