Cold Load Pick-up Algorithms for Line-Voltage Thermostats in a Winter Climate

C. Le Bel and L. Handfield (Canada)


Load modeling and estimation, power demand, residential space heating, line-voltage thermostats.


For a winter peaking utility where space heating is mostly electric, cold load pick-up, after a significant power fail ure, may cause a temporary overload of its distribution network, which can generate additional power interrup tions if no proper actions are taken. In addition, with the increased popularity of electronic line-voltage thermostats for electric baseboards, it may be necessary to look at the synchronism of the thermostats to avoid having a large number of them cycling in phase with each other; this could cause perturbations of the distribution network. Since electric space heating represents a very signifi cant load in the province of Quebec during winter time, and since Hydro-Quebec is involved in programs promot ing the utilisation of electronic line-voltage thermostats, either programmable or not, the Laboratoire des Tech nologies de l'Energie of Hydro-Qu├ębec (LTE) addressed these issues.

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