An MRAC-based Current Control Technique for a PWM Inverter-Fed PMSM Drive

K.-H. Kim and I.-S. Jung (Korea)


PMSM, current control, MRAC, DSP, parameter variation


A model reference adaptive control (MRAC) based current control technique for a PWM inverter-fed permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive is presented. Generally, the predictive current control is known to give ideal transient and steady-state responses among various PWM inverter-fed current control schemes for a PMSM drive. However, its steady-state response may be degraded under the motor parameter variations. To overcome such a limitation, the disturbances caused by the parameter variations will be estimated by using an MRAC technique and compensated by a feedforward manner. The proposed control scheme does not require the measurement of the phase voltage unlike the conventional disturbance estimation scheme using observer. This can be an effective way considering the phase voltage contains much harmonics as well as noise. The asymptotic stability of the overall system is proved. The proposed scheme is implemented using DSP TMS320C31 and the effectiveness is verified through the experiment.

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