Design of Nonlinear Adaptive Steam Valve Controllers for a Turbo-Generator System

N.K. Bekiaris-Liberis, A.K. Boglou, K.G. Arvanitis, G.D. Pasgianos, and P.N. Paraskevopoulos (Greece)


Turbo-generator, Steam Valve Control, Nonlinear Con trol, Adaptive Control, Backstepping.


This paper develops a design approach to a nonlinear ada ptive control system with unknown parameters and ap plies it to the turbine main steam valve control of power systems. The adaptive control strategy is formed by an adaptive backstepping way without involving transforma tion of linearization. The characteristic of the controller is that which involves a dynamic estimator of parameters. Simulation results manifest the validity of the proposed nonlinear adaptive controller that provides a better per formance as compared to other turbine main steam valve control techniques.

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