Assessment of Voltage Harmonic Emission Levels

T. Pfajfar, B. Blaic, and I. Papic (Slovenia)


Power quality, harmonic emission levels, harmonic vector method, reference impedances


A definition of harmonic emission levels is discussed within the scope of modifications of the IEC standard 61000-3-6. This paper presents the definition and determination of harmonic emission levels in accordance with the new draft edition of the IEC standard. The paper focuses on the voltage harmonic distortion and, in addition, discuses a method for estimating customer harmonic emission levels at the point of common coupling. This method is based on the harmonic vector method where reference impedances are introduced. The results of the harmonic vector method are compared with the results of the method based on the definitions in the IEC standard. The presented harmonic vector method with reference impedances allows calculation of harmonic emission levels without any switching maneuvers or without knowing the actual impedances. It also enables the evaluation of customer and utility harmonic contributions in resonance conditions.

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